The sixth rule of life

I used to feel like I should wear makeup to school every day because everyone did. I felt like it made me fit in but it actually caused me to be permanently judging myself. I would hide my imperfections with makeup but this never made me feel happy. One day I just stopped wearing makeup all together and it made me feel so much happier. I began to prefer how I looked with no makeup and I felt so much more confident. I also improved my skin, I now focus on keeping my skin healthy and glowing instead of covering it up.


I never wore very heavy makeup in the first place so I understand that not everyone will feel comfortable going makeup free, and that’s ok. This does also not mean that you can never wear makeup, I still put on some makeup if I want to dress up, but the important thing is to realise that you don’t need to be beautiful.

If makeup makes you feel more confident and you enjoy wearing it, then maybe just try a few lighter days once in a while. It’s totally fine to where makeup as long as you love yourself with and without makeup. You don’t need to try to look like anyone or change a single thing, you are perfect the way you are!

The fifth rule of life

Sometimes the hardest aspects of your life to control are your relationships as they involve effort from both ends. The hardest thing is when you’re in a toxic relationship and are finding it hard to admit to yourself. I have had friends who have had a negative impact on my life but I have been in denial that these are toxic friends because I always look for the best in people. I was afraid to move away from them because I was in my comfort zone and I was terrified to step away from it. When I started to build up friendships with people who loved me for who I was a became so much happier and more confident.

The main thing you have to do if your ever in this situation is to trust your gut feeling because normally you’ll know, deep down what’s best for you. It can be hard to step away from friends and if you don’t want to, that’s ok. Maybe start building up other friendships that have a more positive impact on your life. You don’t have to cut friends out of your life.

Their are signs that help to see if a friendship is toxic. First of all, if you find yourself pretending to act like them to fit in and you find yourself suppressing what you really feel, this can be more lonely than not having friends at all. Secondly, if you don’t feel like they’re putting in enough effort into your friendship or they are always talking about themselves without a thought to you and how you’re feeling, then they don’t desverse you has their friend. Lastly, if you don’t trust them enough to confide your problems with them, then they aren’t there for you and therefore are not a good friend.

It’s so important to surround yourself with positive people who make you happy, you should never feel like you have to stay friends with someone if they’re having a negative impact on your life. Although this definitely doesn’t mean if your friend is having a bad day that you should cut them out of your life, it has to be a continuous position that you keep finding yourself in.

Make a positive impact on your life by surrounding yourself in postive energy with people who love you for who you are!!

The fourth rule of life

I have always been a person to walk out of an argument thinking of all the things that I’d wished I’d said or the kind of person who looks back on their year thinking of all the things that I should have done differently. I think this is all very easy to do in the heat of the moment but after taking time to self reflect I realised that all my successes and failures have shaped me into the person I am today and there’s nothing I would go back and change even if I could.


I believe that my failures have taught me so much more than my successes and have ultimately made a positive impact on my life. If you are wishing you were a person that never made mistakes then you are a person wishing to never learn. Our failures shape us into hard working and determined individuals we are today because you find out the most about yourself when your pushed out of your comfort zone. You learn to compromise and get back on the horse when you’ve fallen down and we’re all so much stronger because of it. All our mistakes have made us into better people and I wouldn’t change one moment of it. Living with no regrets is the most liberating feeling. It’s a gift to yourself that we all deserve!

“No regrets, just lessons learnt”

The third rule of life

One of the things that really helps me to balance my life is with exercise. I play basketball to a high level, which requires training 3 times and week! I have always found that this has a positive impact on my week through my mental and physical health. I know that not everyone is into team sports but there are other types of exercise that you can do. Exercise is not exclusive to ‘sporty people’ because there are lots of different options.

The reason why exercise has such a postive affect is due to the release of endorphins and obvious physical health benefits.

You don’t have to go on a 5 mile run or undergo hours of training to feel the effects. The exercise you choose is personal to so do what you enjoy. I have friends who dance, go to yoga classes, go to the gym or just go on long walks and they all have the desired effect. Exercise also allows you get fresh air and clear your mind, this will increase your mood and¬†positivity to your life problems.¬†screenshot_20180607-160727

At the moment, it’s off season for basketball so one of the things I do to keep up my exercise is go to a Zumba class. This is a perfect example of a low intensity and fun activity that makes you feel great! I personally go to clear my head and have fun and thats what sport should be, not a stressful or unenjoyable but a chance to clear your mind and have fun.

So if your training for a marathon or just taking a nice long sunset walk with a friend, make some more time for exercise this week, make more time to feel good!

” Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood”

The second rule of life

Taking the time out of your day to relax and feel good is so important. I know as a student that my life can get very stressful but taking time out of your day to practise mindfulness to crucial to maintaining good mental health. You can download apps like headspace to conect with your body and feel calm. This has really helped me to forget my worries for a relaxing evening and a good night sleep, which is so important for teenagers as we need 9 hours each night.

This isn’t the only way to relax, the most important thing is to do what works for you. I personally find colouring in my ‘adult colouring book’ very relaxing, doing a little every evening helps me to feel good. I’ve also found that writing short stories, drawing and rereading some of my favourite books to be calming but this is different for everyone. You’ve just got to find something that works for you, whatever that may be. Once you’ve found it, love your me time!!

“Do more of what makes you happy”screenshot_20180606-202544